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Free VBucks are a virtual currency that is used in the game Fortnite. Acquiring this currency would not provide the players with an extra competitive benefit for the game. This currency will help the players to acquire cosmetic and fashion benefits in exchange for real money.

Moreover, with the help of such brands with VBucks’ help, you could grab a Battle-pass and a tier system within each system, which will help you unlock other challenges or levels, which will further open other many other cosmetic stashes. Recently, the free VBucks 2022 are available at a discount rate of 20% across several different platforms

Fortnite​ Vbucks Pricing

Epic Games have released a statement which talks about the discount. They will provide that, along with the criteria that are required to gain the benefits.

They stated, “Currently, when using Apple and Google payment alternatives, Apple and Google get a 30% fee, and the up to 20% price drop does not apply. If Apple or Google drop their fees in the future, Epic will pass along the profits to you.”

The details of buying VBucks and the discount are available on the official site. It is advisable not to open or use other sites, which might be a fraud. And if one encounters any fraud side, they are instructed to inform the officials so that actions can be taken and spare their fellow members. Some price ranges are provided below:

  • 1000 – £6.49/$7.99
  • 2800 – £15.99/$19.99
  • 5000 – £25.99/$31.99
  • 13500 – £64.99/$79.99

To acquire a battle pass, one needs to invest 950 VBucks at the price of £8/$10. The battle pass will last for one season and help the players to unlock further challenging quests and unlock several other cosmetic products. And, to earn Battle Stars, one needs to overcome all the challenges thrown at them and progress through each of the battle pass’s 100 tier, or players will have to pay 150 Fortnite VBucks to unlock each tier.

Free Vbucks Generator

How To Get free Vbucks codes?

The players who are not willing to invest real money to buy VBucks to unlock different costume features can acquire it by taking another mode.

  • One of the mandate criteria is that people who would like to earn VBucks should purchase Fortnite Save the World, and then you can access VBucks and claim daily rewards. 
  • If you already have Fortnite Save the World, all you need to do is log in so that one can enjoy the benefits.
  • But this does not always mean that the players will get free VBucks by just logging in. Sometimes instead of VBucks, one can also get a llama loot box. Thus, logging and getting the VBucks is not advisable, but anything is better than nothing.
  • Even if the users are not playing, logging daily adds to their benefit of getting one step close to the rewards. 
  • Another disclaimer: Epic Games have altered the games’ reward system and the method of acquiring the coin. The founders of Save The World are only eligible to get free VBucks. 
  • Another way of getting VBucks is by attending all the challenging quests. 
  • With the completion of each challenging quests, the player will receive 50 VBucks. 
  • Storm Shield Defense will also get you 100 VBucks each
  • Fortnite VBucks earned in Save the World can then be spent on new threads in Battle Royale.
  • Another way is to get the Battle pass and then fight your way through across the gaming system. Even if this process is not entirely free, it will help you acquire premium currency coins to unlock future passes.
  • The latest season provides 1500 free VBucks if you level it up completely, which nets you the 950 VBucks it cost to buy the Battle Pass in the first place, plus an extra 550 VBucks.


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Fortnite free VBucks will help the players customize their gaming experience. By investing in the gaming currency, they can get the items related to fashion and costume, which will make the game appealing to the users.